As i get older and learn more about life and the world, I find myself becoming more cynical. Ignorance really is bliss.

This is a post remembering Shaniya Nicole Davis. A 5 year old girl whose life was robbed from her. May the memory of her never fade. RIP you little angel.

But everything happens for a reason
If you choose to look at it that way
And put truth into the things you do
And really believe what you say


Ladies, be honest with yourself about who you are and have the courage to be that person. If you want to fuck, then go fuck. If you want to get drunk, get drunk. And there is nothing wrong with sucking a dick. If people try to judge you or shame you for doing safe, consensual things that make you happy, I can guarantee you they’re bad people. Tell them to lick the dark part of your ass and cut them out of your life. No one has it all figured out, especially not the people who are acting like they do and judging you because of it. Pretending to be something you aren’t because you’re trying to please a bunch of judgmental hypocrites and shitheads is not the way to be happy. Living the life you want to live is. It really is that simple.

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I really need to not procrastinate with my schoolwork. This is too important for me to be doing stuff last minute.

This was a horrible lie.

But like my bros said, yeah good can be better
T-shirt can be a sweater, that denim can be some leather
That Benz could be a Bentley and yeah it’s nice in So Cal
But I heard that southern France has some much better weather damn


Quadron - Average Fruit 


Marijuana // Chrome Sparks

Fala mal de mim, mas é minha fã encubada

All of this anger will be the death of me.




cat stuck in a bathtub

the face of a broken man

"You just gon sit there and watch you ol thumb havin bitch."

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The reading comprehension and overall common sense on this website is piss poor.

how dare you say we piss on the poor

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Fuck this poetry shit

I’m tryna penetrate you

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